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The trending thing now in the world of sport is soccer (football) betting. No doubt the popularity that football has gained all over the world makes it inevitable for people to look for avenues to make. It is this urge that has brought about betting in football. Log online to know More about

Soccer betting is of two types, namely; long term betting (this is the full season) and secondly, on an individual match basis.

Whichever you are engaged in as a football enthusiast, the fact remains that, it is to you another avenue of earning some bucks. You may not necessarily have to be on the active field of play, but you are earning through soccer.


It is important to let you know that there various market in this business of football betting. These are called Totals; goals, corners, and jersey number. Whichever way you look at it, they all work in the same direction. Again, be informed that extra-time is not considered in football betting. 

  1. GOALS MARKET: This is the total numbers of forecast in a match. An example is hereby given ”Liverpool v Manchester City 2.5 – 3.0 stakes taken. Should you sell your stake as low as 2.5 with a stake 20 pounds (This is interpreted to mean 200 pounds per the whole goal? If the goals scored for instance is 3.0. Your loss in this market will be calculated as below;

         3.0 -2.5 = 0.50 x 20 pounds stake x 20 =100 pounds.

This means that the sum of 100 pounds has been lost by you in the betting.

  1. CORNERS MARKET: In this type of betting, what is calculated here are the total numbers of corner kicks recorded by both side in the match. A typical betting could go like this; either 10.5 – 11.5 or better still 11.5 – 12.5. it depends.
  2. JERSEY NUMBER MARKET: In this kind of betting, the shirt number or jersey number of the player will be what you stake your winning bet on. For example, you may decide to stake on, if it were to be a match between Manchester United and Chelsea playing the match. The possible shirt number of one notable player of either team scoring for his side will be chosen. For the purpose of this market, I will choose Didier Drogba’s shirt number 14 and Nistelrooy’s 10. These numbers are added up and that gives 24. It is on this that the bet is staked, that shirt number from 24-28 could be the scorer.
  3. BOOKING MARKET: Soccer betting in this market is similar to that of Totals Market. The difference in that market is that, here in this market, there is an award of points for the total numbers of Yellow and Red Cards awarded in the course of the match. Specifically, each yellow card is awarded 10 points, whilst on the other hand 25 points for each red card. Where in the course of the match, a player is awarded both yellow and red at different time intervals, this will amount to 35 points. The rule of this market is that any yellow or red cards issued to a player during extra time or full time does not count.
  4. HOTSPOTS MARKET: This is another popular market in which soccer betting spread firm will put a stake on about 4 or 5 players either within a match or in a league. It depends on which they choose. For example, the practice is that a point of 25 may be fixed for each goal scored by each of the named players. In a matter that, any of the named players failed to play, there is a provision of points chosen, and it is usually between 8 -12.
  5. MULTI-CORNERS MARKET: the Here majority of companies engaging in soccer betting on a match will offer to predict that some numbers of corners will occur in the first half. These corners of the first half will then be applied to multiply those that may occur during the second half of play in a given football match.
  6. TIME MARKET: Time is also a factor in soccer betting. Spread or soccer betting companies base their markets on timed events such as any of the following events happening in the course of the match; first yellow card, first corner kick, first goal, second goal, last goal, first home goal or first away goal. These are timed based and in a matter of minutes. In a match, where there is no first goal or first booking, it is then regarded that the timed-event happened in 90 minutes of play. This rule is applicable to first market, and a complete reverse of the last market. In the last market, failure of the event occurring, it is then concluded that it has happened in zero minutes.
  7. LONG-TERM BET MARKET: This is yet another market that spread or soccer betting companies get involved in. it is an alternative to fixed odd betting system. It works in this way. Soccer fans will back their favorite teams at the beginning of the soccer season to win the championship. You are either in support or against of your favorite based on the numbers of the point you are hoping they will earn in the championship. The beauty of this market is that you do not have to lay down your money upfront as it is the case in fixed odd spread betting.

Having known the varieties of markets that are available in this soccer betting arrangement, it is now your decision on which one you will want to stake your money.

About The Author

I am Kenny Wilson, your able and informed Soccer Analyst and Blogger of notable reputation...